Tony Sattout - Project Exec | Change Catalyst

Interview with Tony Sattout

Lightly edited transcript of Tony Sattout’s interview, conducted by Louis Taborda. Bio Tony Sattout has had a successful career starting in construction projects and moving to the executive ranks in a large Australian financial institution. He consults widely as a change catalyst and executive coach for major programs in diverse industries. You can learn more about Tony from his LinkedIn profile. Introductions Louis: I have Tony Sattout in front of me, a highly experienced business executive. Thank you for talking with Projectize.Me, Tony. Could I start off by asking you to describe the variety of business contexts in which you’ve worked? As our readers are interested in the project management aspects of your career, could you explain what part projects have played in your various roles? Tony: Okay, well, I’ve been in projects, almost my whole business career – started off in the property business, doing refurbishments of heritage buildings and other types of buildings, then moved into financial services where I was managing very complicated change type projects, including improving performance in sales environments, right through to running mergers and acquisitions of large competitors. I’ve also worked in banking, I’ve worked in industrials, I have worked in logistics. And I’ve even done work in educational services. So, I’ve pretty much covered the whole Australian gamut of organisations, driving projects, managing funding, reviewing the quality governance, all the roles that are potentially in projects, I’ve played them at some stage in my career. Louis: Excellent. And that’s why I’m interviewing you. Tony: You’re too nice.…